Type of Insurance

Industry Insurance

Industry Insurance

Have you asked yourself this: "Have I insured my office against all threats that could impact my earning?" If not, or if you have not taken any action toward this then it's high time you acted. Any untoward incident could disrupt the functioning of your business and have financial implications. Thus it is important to protect your office premises and its infrastructure against unforeseen circumstances. Compare online and choose best Office Package Insurance Policy in India that protects your office & everything in it.

Key Features of Industry Insurance:

- The Office Package Insurance provides protection against damage to insured property

- Your business is in safer hands in the event of third party legal liability

- Personal accidental coverage is offered

- A tailor-made policy that protects your business against financial risks of fire and allied perils, like theft, burglary, machinery breakdown etc.

Office Package Insurance Policy Provides Insurance for such Offices as:

- Commercial Offices

- Government Offices

- ITES and BPO Call Centers

- Software Development Office

- Office Premises, including warehouse and manufacturing premises

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What It Covers?

  • - Industry Insurance protects the office premises in perils like fire, earthquake etc. Some insurers also provide coverage for risks related to terrorism. Moreover, coverage is extended for mechanical and electrical breakdown, fire and allied perils, burglary and accidental breakage as well.
  • - Cover the office premises against break ins, burglary and theft-related losses.
  • - Some insurance companies offer coverage for the loss or damage owing to a dishonest acts of an employee such as an act of robbery, fraudulent conversion, misuse of official information etc.
  • - Expenses incurred for fixing the glasses, housekeeping services and sanitary items.
  • - Cost used in publicity tools including neon signs, hoarding for safety against fire, explosion, theft, lightning, flood
  • - The employees are covered for accidental death or injury during the tenure of employment. Third party legal liability cover is also included.
  • - Special assistance, if provided, in the event of accidental death of the insured or injury or disability.
  • - Compensation is offered in the event of loss of baggage while the employee is on an official tour.