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We know that in the unfortunate event of a claim having to be made, you will want your claims dealt with quickly and efficiently, to reduce the impact a loss may have on the day to day running of your business. With this in mind, we can offer advice to your staff so that there is an understanding throughout your organisation of the reporting procedures in the event of new claims, and the continuing management of existing claims.

Our experienced claims staff will ensure that claims are reported to insurers promptly and dealt with fairly, with a view to securing a prompt and satisfactory settlement on your behalf. We will also regularly update you as to the progress of your claim. If you require assistance or wish to report a claim, please contact us.

We have wide ranging cover in a number of specialist sectors including;

  • - Cancellation and Abandonment
  • - Multi Modal transport (MTO)
  • - Marine Hull & Machinery
  • - Jeweller's Block
  • - Errors and Omissions (Technology) Policy
  • - Fine Art Insurance - Private Collectors